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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> finally tonight, weather is an important segment in local newscasts. probably already knew that. in southern california the regions they were big, big news. >> are you ready for the coldest nights you have ever experienced? >> look at the temperatures only into the 50s. >> cold, cold, cold coming our way. >> beyond cold. >> forgot his jacket. now we have to go home. >> we have team coverage on this freezing cold weather. >> the skies are clear, it is cold. >> absolutely freezing. >> soccer practice meant sweats, gloves and ear muffs. >> how long is this going to last? >> it is so cold out there. >> the extra blanket, the heater anything you can do to keep warm. snuggle. >> how long will the arctic blast last?
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>> 48 the live reporter. watch out. >> thanks everybody. that's it for this "special report." >> this is "the fox report." tonight president obama holds the last news conference of his term and fights about raising the nation's debt ceiling and the effort to stop mass murderers in america. >> my point is to focus on what makes sense, what works. >> one month after the shooting at newtown it is time to come up with action. >> we to have answers. >> he will announce his specific plan within days. the possible gun proposals and could they actually become law? plus the lance armstrong interview. he's denied he doped for years.
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>> sick and tired of these allegations. they are absolutely untrue. >> the support gave him the boot. >> lance armstrong has no place in cycling. >> now and for the first time lance armstrong says he's opening up about what really happened. and hundreds of people hunting giant snakes. >> the species of the day is ber mes python. >> i have a machete and side arm. >> man verses python in the florida everglades. >> breaking news with lance armstrong. first president obama still supports an assault weapons ban. he admits it may not make it through congress. the president head a news conference and said the ban is one idea he is considering after a list of recommendations from joe biden. it includes legislative proposals and by himself using
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his presidential powers without the congress. he put them in charge of the gun violence task force after the massacre in newtown. one month from today a mab killed 26 people including 20 first graders. the president called on lawmakers to examine their own conscience before voting on any new bills. oo if in fact everybody across lines were saddened as i was by what happened in newtown we are going to have to vote based on what we think is best. we have to come up with answers that set politics aside. >> leaders of the national rifle association says they have enough to block the assault weapons ban. he may take steps on his own. shannon green is live at the white house. what could the president do without the congress?
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>> he can always issue executive orders and give guidance to federal agencies. he can tell them about ways he would like to see stricter enforcement of laws things that deal with background checks and those kinds of things. he said anybody who is suggesting a government gun grab is all wrong. >> those who oppose any common sense gun control or gun safety measures have a pretty effective way of beginning gwinning up fn the part of gun owners that somehow the federal government is about to take all of your guns away. the nra said they should talk to people buying firearms and ask them why they are buying firearms. september 2012 marked the heist number ever of background checks for gun purchases in the country's history up 50 percent from the december before.
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>> we heard today from some of the parents of sandy hook. what are they saying? >> sandy hook promise. some say they themselves are gun owners they are comfortable talking about that but want to have a bigger responsibility about gun violence as a whole. they don't want their children's lives to be lost in veiain. they want to see change. >> here is jeremy richmond who lost his young daughter. >> we need to face and take action on hard issues. there is not going to be one simple solution. we feel it is essential to get a deep understanding of mental health in terms of research education and policy. >> we expect to get more details on the vice president's recommendations. he shared with the president earlier this week. lawmakers aren't waiting there are a number of proposals in the works including one that would give a tax credit to any one who would turn in what lawmakers are calling an assault weapon and
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also another measure aimed at creating the overall bigger picture of mass violence. >> at the news conference the president accused republicans of trying to collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the u.s. economy. they are demanding more spending cuts before they agree to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the debt ceiling is announcing the amount of money the states can borrow. today the president responded to some republicans who say they are willing to shut down the government if the president doesn't back down. ultimately congress makes decisions about whether or not we spend money and keep the government open. if they decide they want to shut down the government in order to get their way they have the votes in the house of representatives to do that. i think that would be a mistake. >> john boehner responded the american people do not support
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raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending statement. wendell, a government shut down, is that something that really might happen? neither side is ready to blink yet. he has laid out they are ready to compromise if possible that could lead to a government shut down although probably not right away. president obama suggested right before the u.s. the people at home might be told they have to wait for their money. >> if congressional republicans refuse to pay america's bills on time social security checks and veteran's benefits will be delayed. we may not be able to pay our military air traffic controllers specialist who track down lose nuclear materials wouldn't get their paychecks.
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>> that's not default but credit agencies would likely downgrade america's rating that would raise the cost of borrowing money. ben bernanke says it's very, very important congress avoid this. >> republicans know it is not the first thing that would come from not paying all of our bills. from their view ever increasing debt is not an answer. house speaker john boehner says the consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real but so, too, are the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. utah republican congressman mike lee says not facing the spending problem could be the worse outcome. >> we are going to face another credit rating downgrade i fear if we raise it reflectively without changing the way washington spends money and more importantly the way washington borrows money. >> republicans feels they have
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the leverage to raise r have spending cuts. >> we are living longer but we are work longer. we looked at the number of older americans who were still pulling in paychecks. the group found over the last two decades the number of workers who were 75 years old at least has gone up by nearly 77 percent. not all of them are doing it just because of money. people are finding a lot of reasons to work in their 70s and 80s. >> we are healthier than we used to be. a lot of people are working for that reason they are also working because they are worried about medical costs going forward. they want a little extra money even if they have enough saved for retirement. aarp says some employers belief older workers are better than youn they are holding on to people later. the number of people unemployed over 65, 55,000 compared to
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11,000 back in 1990. a lot of different kinds of jobs, too. >> you bet. 25 percent work in retail. wal-mart greeters that you see all of the time but another 25 percent are employee fegsnals, judges, doctors. the more experience they are the better they are at their job. a lot of people are small business consultants some of their experience really counts. >> thank you. >> at the top of this newscast i mentioned breaking news had just come in about the cyclist lance armstro armstrong. we have heard he has made a dramatic confession about using performance enhancing drugs after years of denying it. that is a hit. from the journalist of fox news on this monday fox report. ink . now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
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♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, children laughing ] move to the country, d live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> after years of vehement
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denial after all of the lawsuits lance armstrong reportedly admitted i doped. he sat down with oprah that is set to air on her network thursday. according to the associated press they are just reporting armstrong got emotional at times as he confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. armstrong was at the forefront of the most sophisticated and successful doping program sports has err seen. last year the agency reported 11 of armstrong's former teammates witnessed him using the drug. 11 of them. cycling officials toured him from his titles and banned him from life. he later tweeted a photo his frame winning jerseys behind him. he calls the investigation a witch hunt. today is different a much different story. before the oprah interview armstrong stopped his live
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strong foundation and got choked up with staff as he apologized to staff. what all we learned? >> this thing had a tight lid kept on it all day long. they released it. they did use performance enhancing drugs to win the tour defrance. they did expect some kind of con fregs. how deep did he go? make sure you are not issuing any quotes at all. just rapped with lance armstrong more than 2 and a half hours. he came ready is what oprah tweeted. we won't find out how ready he came. before the interview he went to his live strong foundation and apologized for all of the stress those employees have endured but did not confess to doping with them. he was expected to give some
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kind of confession. fraser seitel says you should give it all. >> if you are going to do it you have to come clean. here's what i did here's who i did it with, here is when i did it, here is why i lied for 15 years to everybody. >> i guess the pr thing begins tomorrow. oprah winfrey will be on cbs this morning tomorrow morning to begin promoting the special. >> lance armstrong has some legal issues. >> he is facing a flurry of lawsuits more than $10 million that is just the lawsuits that have been filed. he raced for the u.s. postal service sponsored bike teams. the feds could essentially pursue fraud charges against him and he could still be facing some perjury charges.
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a sports legal experts told us today that apologizing here is a very bad move. armstrong still worth well over $100 million. u.s. anti doping agency says there is a road to redemption for him but we won't find out until thursday night if he is on it or not. >> trace gallagher in l.a. >> soda and other sugary drinks have a lot of calories in there. if you are not careful they will make you fat. but today coca-cola came out in defense for their products. there's a new television ad it is highlighting the local reoption and pointing out there are plenty of other problems to blame for obesity problem. >> beating obesity will be taken by all of us by one simple common sense fact all calories count no matter where they come from including coca-cola and everything else with calories. if you eat and drink more calories than you burn off you
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will gain weight. >> they have linked sugary drinks to obesity. new york city will put a ban on large sized sugary drinks. other cities are looking at similar measures. the new ad isn't about negative obesity but addressing issues of the times. that advertisement will air tonight on several network including fox news channel. >> they are teaming up against some african terrorists with links they tell us to al qaeda. the u.s. is getting involved with the fight in a country that analysts say could be the next afghanistan. important new developments today coming up on fox news report lives tonight. ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new
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>> george h.w. bush doctors in houston today released the former president from the hospital. they cans peer yensed a series of set backs that sent him to the intensive care unit. the president will not need any special medication the doctor says and will continue physical therapy outside the hospital. the former president is now 88 years old. today he released a statement through his family spokesman which reads in part let me add just how touched we were by the many get well messages we received from our friends, fellow americans, your prayers and good wishes helped more than you know. as i head home my only concern is i will not be able to thank each of you for your kind words. president bush the 41st heading home. the united states is getting involved in a growing fight against islamic extremists in west africa. this start the to unfold on
4:23 pm
friday when the french fired on insurgent groups. rebels control the country's north and investigators warn that many fighters have links to al qaeda. today the defense secretary confirmed the pentagon offered to help france in the intelligence arena unquote. defense officials tell fox news they are also considering sending cargo aircraft to move ground troops and providing fuelling tankers for controls. the average annual salary is roughly the equivalent of $1,500. jonathan hunt is here. this is becoming very serious quickly. it is becoming an issue in the united states and others as well. >> it has been going on for 10 months now but in the fast fpas weeks the al qaeda linked rebels made significant advances. the french who have a long time
4:24 pm
intervention they decide to do intervene. >> what was at stake is the existence. we have decided that we had no other choice but to launch this intervention. >> the simple fear here is that the rebels want to establish an islamic state along the line of what the taliban did in afghanistan back in 1990s. in other words, making it a safe haven from which al qaeda would plan and execute operations against western targets. >> it is really already clear winning this fight will be very difficult. >> very difficult. think of the size of mali just the northern half of it is bigger than the entire country of france, and rebels apparently are flocking there those with
4:25 pm
these islamist ideals. leon panetta in his defense said libya and yemen put a squeeze on al qaeda terrorists. the gathering in mali seems to be the new focus and it may be a country that is pretty new to many of us but likely to be hearing a lot more about it in the weeks and months to come. >> jonathan hunt, thank you very much. >> just into fox news secretary of state hillary clinton will testify next week about the attack on the u.s. out post in benghazi. the word has just come in from the house foreign affairs committee. it reports secretary clinton will testify january 23rdrd. nine days from today. she went back to work last week after ending up in a hospital with a blood clot in her head. again the headline secretary of state hillary clinton will testify on benghazi on january the 23rd. >> lawyers are accusing united
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airlines of dodging millions and millions of dollars in taxes. setting up a sham office to buy fuel. all of the details coming up. a gunman is on the lose after shooting a cab driver. now the cops are asking for your help to catch the man. there he is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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>> a gunman shot a cab driver in new york city. the man pictured here entered the delivery cab in the bronx, pulled out his gun and demanded money then shot the driver not once but five times hitting him with three bullets before he took off. the unidentified victim is listed in stable condition in the hospital. police say the suspect is in his 20s and was last seen wearing a tan bubble jacket and a dark abercrombie hoodihoodie. >> i am shepherd smith. this is "the fox report." america's budget could be in for big cuts if chuck hagel gets his way. president obama nominated the vietnam vet to take over as defense secretary. senator hagel has called the defense department bloated. so between his views and half trillion dollars of spending cuts looming the u.s. military may have to find ways to save a lot of money.
4:31 pm
jennifer griffin with the news. she is live at the pentagon. tell us about the potential cuts if you would? >> the first cuts will probably be to the size of the force. the air force announced it was already planning to cut the size of its force and to cut back on the number of flying hours that planes do. right now the u.s. is spending about $85 billion a year on the war in afghanistan. it will go down to about 3 or 6,000 troops in afghanistan which would pay the tax payer 75 billion a year. >> everybody forgets if we suddenly have a crisis in the gulf with iran if we face a nuclear issue which forces us to deal with preventative stripes, then we have a completely different defense and mill tear spreending profile again. >> with things heating up in mali you have u.s. forces pulling out of one area but it appears as if the war is
4:32 pm
spreading to another region. >> former senator hagel would like to reduce our nuclear stockpile. >> he agreed with an advocacy group known as global zero which called for cutting the nuclear arsenal by 80 percent. that group wants to cut back on the arsenal. it could pay over 2 billion a year estimated. the problem is speaking with mill tear reeks perts and -- defense secretary robert gates found when he tried to look into this a few years back is they found to get rid of nuclear weapons is actually really costly because you have to pay to modernize the nuclear weapons in order to keep them as an effective deterrent. shepard. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. more u.s. troops kill themselves than died in combat last year. defense department figures show 313 million died on battle
4:33 pm
fields in 2012, 349 took their own lives. most of the suicide 182 of them were in the army. 50 navy, 59 air force, 48 marines. the numbers are up from last year. leon panetta talled military suicide an epidemic. united airlines is falsely claiming to buy jut fuel from a rural office that doesn't even have a computer. that's according to a lawsuit filed today in the state of illinois. lawyers for the regional transportation authority claim united buys the costly fuel through the headquarters in downtown chicago but the airline opened a sham office 60 miles away back in 2001 and paid that small town some 300,000 dollars a year in taxes to dodge ten's of millions of taxes in the city of chicago. the rta reports a single part-time employee works at that office one person that on a recent visited consultants found
4:34 pm
it locked. only a few chairs and desks through a window. the office is completely legal and any lawsuit would be without merit. rick live enthall is live in our newsroom tonight. how can they get away with this? >> most are collected where products are received. if you fill up with jet fuel that's where the taxes are collected. >> the purchase is accepted opening this possible loophole. advise half a million gallons of jet fuel every day at o'hare airports. most of the fuel transactions are negotiated through united chicago headquarters. it alleges an airline subsidiary opened a small office in sick more. we have video provided by the rta. you get a tax kickback from the town saves a few hundred
4:35 pm
million. the only reason the fuels had the office in sick more is to create a sham packed for fuel rather than lower tax jurisdiction. in a statement united airlines says it has been examined in the past and will apply with all applicable laws we will defend ourselves against any such claims. it will force the airlines to pay damages. >> american airlines accused of doing pretty much the same thing. >> indeed. the airlines are in panksy. rta says americans are also avoiding taxes in a similar office at sick more city hall. federal bankruptcy new york and cook county. they do not have litigation but it is permitted under illinois law.
4:36 pm
it is out of bankruptcy about a year or so. >> birds caused jetblue fight to ground over the weekend. first plane was headed to dominican republic saturday and jetblue reported another plane with a bird yesterday morning. all of the passengers got another flight. as it happens, tomorrow marks 4 years since the miracle on the hudson. u.s. airway flights struck a block of geese. sulley landed the plane safely light on the hudson river. the dream lierns japanese government reports they are investigating a fuel leak on the dreamliner. the same aircraft caught fire in boston just last week. this comes amid reports of other dream liern incidents including a cracked cockpit windshield.
4:37 pm
transportation officials and boeing want a safety review of the fleet. for now it is safe to fly the dream liern. raging wildfires destroyed dozens of homes and threatened a major space observe tory. that's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> australia flames go through the country's most populated state of new south whales. the largest of the fires charred 100,000 acres. web cam video captured the moment that fire swept over the place. china an explosion rips through a chemical plant in the eastern prv dense leaving only the framework standing. the blast also reportedly shattered glass at nearby buildings and damaged cars. nobody killed but some workers did get hurt. no word on the cause.
4:38 pm
russia potentially deadly weather conditions as temperatures drop to nearly 50 below in siberia. forecasters say a massive high pressure spill of very cold air is causing the extreme weather. they predict things will warm up by the weekend to 30 below. >> a record made of ice that actually plays. an international ad agency created it by fading love by an indy band in stockholm. it sent tips to make a disc which melts after one play. ♪ >> fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon.
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>> the snmog is in big cities i china are off the charts. beijing hit 755 on a scale that only goes to 500. by contrast the dirtiest air in america is in bakers field california it is way under 200. the forbidden city back in september and today even state run media are complaining. one newspaper calls it a suffocating siege. others are calling for fewer cars on the road. school officials say they are
4:43 pm
keeping kids out of school hospitals are reporting more patients with breathing problems. the air has been stable no wind and all of the coal they use to heat homes is wreaking havoc. the air should clear up a bit after tomorrow. >> an unusual cold snap on the west coast of the u.s. is threatening billions of dollars in crops across california. temperatures have been roughly 10 degreesing below average this time of year. up in new york and down south around la. conditions last night dipped into the mid 20s in the bay area. citrus growers in central california say bitter cold damaged some of their fruits. around los angeles windy conditions destroyed crops there. temperatures sat in the low 30s. forecasters say things should warm up by the end of the week. hundreds of hunters are swarming the everglades to help the snake
4:44 pm
problem. pythons are threatening neighborhood animals and pets for that matter. they are organizing the 2013 python challenge. catch the most snakes for the biggest one kill them over whatever win a thousand bucks or more. they want to educate the folks about the python a nonnative species. apparently pet owners released them into the park and they keep doing what they do. fill keating is live in the everglades. >> the well camouflaged python has people hunting them. the official tally in the state is 11 pythons captured at sunset tonight python dave showed up making it 13. >> ever so cautiously it did not take long for him to see
4:45 pm
evidence of a big snake. a fresh python trail through our muddy path. >> i would love to find a beast and hall him in. >> shoot it or cut it? >> i will shoot it first once they get past a certain size i prefer to know they are dead. >> a 13 footer wet the ab tights of dozens of thigh thon hunters. more than 800 registered on-line each with ber meez -- ber mess blood lynn. >> so far 12 ber mes pythons make it 13 pythons captured or killed. python dave bagged two 11 footers. >> they are a beautiful creature. we have to get them out of the everglades. hopefully as humanely as
4:46 pm
possible. >> florida does recommend these tips a bullet through a python's game. or with a machete decapitate it. don't let the python start wrapping itself around ying in everglades. thanks. >> would you look at this? an italian court rejected the former prime minister berlusconi to postpone his sex trial so he can campaign for his party. the court sided with the prosecutor saying he was neither the former head of the party nor official candidate. he was accused with having sex with a dancer ruby the heart stealer. she was under aged at the time. he is accused of using his power to cover it all up. it is clear the court wants to receive the verdict before the italian elections are set next
4:47 pm
month. they requested to hear more testimony from witnesses including george clooney who says he once visited berlusconi's residence. the mayor was weighing in on the controversial issue of gun control. coming up rahm emanuel has questions for the white house. police say robbers attacked employees they had taken hostage at a popular california clothing store and then got away. now days later they have vat to -- investigators say there's a break in the case. using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions.
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>> chicago's mayor had advice on gun control for his former boss president obama. the former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is calling
4:51 pm
for a comprehensive plan to reduce deadly shootings. chicago had more than 500 murders last year. analysts say it's already on track to top that number this year. mayor emanuel was an advisor to clinton back in 1990 when congress passed an assault weapons ban. the national rifle association is predicting a new ban will not get through this congress. stooe brown is in chicago tonight. what did emanuel have to say today? >> he was ordering all investments in guns they need to produce a comprehensive bill like in 1994 that one was authored then by senator joe biden. he hopes vice president biden will put together a package that includes an assault weapons ban a limit on the size of clips that go in for ammo and background checks. he suggests the democrats in the senate pressure the republican led house to act.
4:52 pm
>> whatever you do start it now whatever you do start in the senate. clear the debt and put the ultimate pressure on the house. put it in many ways as best you can. >> emmanuel knows a few things. >> as we have reported, stooe, the president said he may take action on his own. >> there are some things he can do. there are a number of members of congress that are leery about executive orders. there be things that will please both sides according to analysts. beefing up penalties or using a gun at a crime or being involved in illegal gun trafficking. if the federal government made a priority of those crimes it would be effective.
4:53 pm
>> krulls know the penalties. you talk to them and we do they know absolutely you are going federal on this case we problems. we will figure that out. it's a year or two. >> in terms of legislation the sheriff knows it's difficult to get legislation passed. in the state assembly lathe week in lame-duck session they had an opportunity to pass their own weapons ban. >> los angeles arresting five suspects linked to the dramatic hostage situation at a department store in los angeles. it happened thursday night at a nordstrom store. stabbed one person in the neck, even sexually assaulted one. it was hours before a swat team raided the store and found the workers strapped in a bathroom in a closet.
4:54 pm
the robbers escaped somehow. they will decide this week whether to file charges. the death of the top terrorists home land will not limit the life of that series. one of the show's co creators says you can expect to see more of kerry brody and saul after the cast cleanlied up last nigh at the golden globes. why the centers for disease control and prevention is going after a golden globe winner. why hugh jackman? that's next. humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at
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that's the power of german engineering. ♪ back to you. that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> in case you weren't aware don't get advice from hugh jackman. he didn't get a flu shot. turns out you don't really need a flu shot. telling tmz says getting the vaccine is the best way to
4:58 pm
protect yourself from flu. the sub text if you listen to hugh jackman you will die. golden globe winner for the best tv drama home land will be sticking around for a long time. home land recently wrapped up the second season one of the show's writers is also the creator of the israeli show which inspired home land. he says the show could go for a good number of years more. he says actress claire dane's character has several seasons left. lewis took home honors for best actor. good morning america anchor robin roberts will return to the morning show sometime next month. she left in august to undergo treatment for a rare blood disorder which required a bone marrow transplant from her sister. >> the last bone marrow test showed no abnormalities. >> yea.
4:59 pm
>> the bone marrow is from my sister and it is healthy. praise god. what all of this means my doctors are waiting for this information to be able to tell me i can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. i am coming home. >> what great news from the lady from mississippi. she will do a dry run next week so doctors can make sure she is ready. robin roberts has already survived breast cancer. you go, robin. before we go our team stops by number 5 britain's royal baby is due in july. that's the word from prince william ace office which has rumors kate and william are having twins. they are not. demolition crews tore down the apartment where lee harvey oswald lived. number 3 kim jim you think crimes against humanity say little has changed there. number 2 president obama telling congress to raise the debt
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